Shared Ownership Schemes

The Shared Ownership Schemes are provided only through housing associations and are always leasehold. This works by you buying a share of your home – this has to be between 25% and 75% of the home’s value – and you pay rent on the remaining share.

You will need to take out a mortgage to cover the costs of your share of the home’s purchase price.


  • Your combined household income should be £60,000 a year or less. 
  • You must be a first time buyer or a previous homeowner who cannot afford to buy one now.
  • You rent council or housing association property.

For older people there is another Help to Buy scheme called ” Older People’s Shared Ownership ” open to people 55 or over. This limits the amount of your home you can buy to 75%, however once you own 75% you do not have to pay rent on the remaining share. For more information contact your local Help to Buy agent.

For people with disabilities the Home Ownership for People With Long Term Disabilities ( or HOLD ) applies. Again your local Help to Buy agent can help you.

For queries relating to buying more shares in your home or selling your home in future contact your local Help to Buy agent. A full list of which can be found here :